At your service for over 30 years

«JMS» and «Stretch-O-Matic» fame by AM Machinery translates into a strong production team in order to offer a local quality product in constant evolution. Always at the forefront, it meets the needs of agricultural and forestry producers.

AM machinery supports a team of sales and after sales service for retailers and distributors by listening to there needs and by giving training for the products.


A little history …


In 1982, Jacques Bernier is developing «Mobile Workshop» and moves from farms to farms to repair machinery. Then he built a workshop sets and integrates its business selling and repairing tractors and other farm machinery and called it AM Machinery.

In 1990, Mr. Jacques Bernier began to manufacture a continuous coating machine for round hay bales. It is one of the first to manufacture this type of machine in North America. Soon after, he will market his licensed coater he named the «Stretch-O-Matic».


Over the years, AM Machinery has certified his machine to demonstrate its reliability and efficiency, without forgetting the important safety factor. The machine meets the requirement of certification bodies in North America (SNA) and the European market (CE). AM Machinery is a member of FEMA and AMC, the two largest associations of agricultural machinery manufacturers in North America.


For his constant efforts and innovation, export and influence of the region, AM Machinery was elected «Company of the Year» in the 2002 Entrepreneurial Gala and «The Leader» meaning the company that stands out in the production manufactured products or the application of industrial transformation processes and taking into account the quality standards for the year 2006.


In 2008, AM Equipment acquired a new plant, in addition to a new range of products. Loaders to «JMS» in addition ATV products are now part of the catalog of production and sales.